CLIENT - LegalforLandlords

The market place for insurance, tenant referencing and legal services is becoming ever more competitive with many providers new to market. Already established as the UK’s leading specialist, LegalforLandlords recognised that, in order to remain competitive, now was the time to refresh their brand.

The use of the number 4 in their name, along with their signature lion crest, gave their brand an air of the past. They wanted to create a new look that was symbolic of their business aims and reflective of their ‘full service’ offering.

Taking their aims of mutually beneficial partnerships and an integrated, complete service offering, Studio R fed these into the design process, creating the closed loop logo design. The four looped corners subtly reflect the notions of integration and partnership, forming a ‘complete’ shape. Accompanying this was the small yet significant change from Legal4Landlords to LegalforLandlords, instantly modernising their brand name.

Defining the use of their new logo and type styles, we then produced comprehensive brand guidelines to assist in rolling out their new look and to ensure consistency was achieved and maintained across all channels. Within this, we produced a set of social media icons and, in line with brand values, established a modern, personable photography style. 

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